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Mandsaur is a city in the Malwa region and North-West district of Madhya Pradesh state of central India. It is the administrative headquarters of Mandsaur District.The name Mandsaur evolved from Marhsaur, which originated from Marh and Saur (or Dasaur), two of the villages which merged in the town. The town was known as Dashpur in ancient times. The area was ruled by Dasharna people during Mahabharata period. It is probably Dasharna janapada which gave name Dashpur to the Mandsaur town.

Mandsaur district forms a part of Malwa region, bounded by four districts of Rajasthan, i.e.. Chittorgarh in the west and north, Bhilwara in the North, Kota in the north-east and Jhalawar in the east while Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh touches it in the South. We provides the services to the people outside the mandsaur city they can know about the city about devotion and the famouses about mandsaur and people from mandsaur wants to do business with online connectivity with people so they can do with our site they can provide us information related to their business. Our site is for every one as the kids,students and business man etc. every people they surf daily internet they can get information and daily updates of the information.For more Information please contact us.

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